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Partnership for GSTL - Scarlett to Korea

Team Acer partners with Axiom eSports for the upcoming GSTL.


Today, Team Acer is thrilled to announce a partnership that was necessary and definitely gives us a huge boost in the right direction. By agreeing to the partnership with Axiom eSports, a huge name in Korea, it is possible for Team Acer to be part of the next Global StarCraft Team League - the biggest and best team league in the world.

Having one of our newest recruitments already living in South Korea, Mun 'Acer | MMA' Seong Won, he will obviously be living with the new Axiom eSport lineup in their new team house. While the partnership was in its final stages Axiom signed more players, who will be active for the Acer.Axiom lineup in the upcoming GSTL: Kim 'Heart' Min Hyuk and Yang 'Alicia' Joon Sik will wear the Axiom jersey in the future.

But besides having Acer | MMA in the team house, and therefore in the GSTL, there is now the possibility for Team Acer to send our players over to South Korea to compete in the leagues over there. One of our players will take this chance at the end of February: Sasha 'Acer | Scarlett' Hostyn, who always wanted to play in Korea, will head over to Asia and help out the team in GSTL matches and more.


Of course a lot of people would like to see Artur 'Acer | Nerchio' Bloch competing in GSTL and GSL. Having the possibility of sending players to the team house there are chances that our Polish Zerg will fly to Asia one day, but there is no way of this scenario becoming real in the next few months, since he still has to focus on his studies. If Acer | Nerchio will head over to South Korea, you will read about it here first!

Team Acer would like to thank Axiom eSport and is looking forward to a great partnership and a bright StarCraft 2 future.

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I am so excited about Scarlett playing in the GSTL!
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Wooohoo! Axiom- Acer fighting!