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NaNiwa 'Grilled'


Johan "NaNiwa" Lucchesi, of Alliance, is the star of the 58th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

What are NaNiwa's thoughts on his own public image and the way other pros manipulate their own?  How true is it that he can only be satisfied by winning tournaments?  Was he ever close to quitting living in Korea, prior to his Ro8 GSL runs?  Did Leenock outplay him in both of the big finals they played?  How has he experienced being an observer to himself playing the game?  Is there a real rivalry with ThorZaIN?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds


Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:27 The story that NaNiwa was kicked out of his house by his parents during his WC3 career.

02:01 Thoughts on the story persisting.

03:07 The change of his public image over the last year or so.

05:01 Players carefully manipulating the way they are perceived publicly.

07:52 The perception that NaNiwa only cares about winning.

10:01 His past reactions to placings, relative to how he played.

11:11 Two examples: where the placing didn't look good, but he played well; where the placing looked good, but he wasn't satisfied with his pay.

12:48 Why MLG has always been a home for him in terms of good performances.

13:55 Competitive mindset, how it has affected him in the past.

15:58 Whether he would unnecessarily gamble during high pressure situations.

18:10 What changed from his early GSL qualification attemps to the two Ro8 runs.

21:07 How close was he to quitting during his grind of trying to get good in GSL?

26:31 A theory regarding players who try to convince everyone about their skill level and those who know their skill level is not as high as the opponent's.

30:30 The experience of being an observer to his body acting in the game.

33:36 Leenock standing in the way of his two best chances to win a big tournament.  Was it always Leenock straight up outplaying him?

36:26 The main tournament he is trying to win, now that GSL Code S has lost its status due to WCS.

38:30 The rivalry between NaNiwa and ThorZaIN.

41:26 Was there ever a moment NaNiwa truly felt top 10 in the world?

43:16 How Stephano and Nerchio could have done if they'd really committed to six months of competing in GSL and living in Korea.

46:13 If he could never play or practice in Korea again, would he able to adapt to living in Europe and playing foreign tournaments only?

48:12 Playing godlike players on the ladder in Korea.

50:13 Aliens come to Earth, destroy all Swedish players except NaNiwa and make him the captain of an Earth team who will face them in a battle for the fate of the planet.  He must select a team of 3 foreigner and 3 Korean protoss for the different match-ups.

56:29 Final words/outro

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You should ask Slasher for some tips on how to interview, this was fucking garbage.