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Chauster 'Grilled'


Steve "Chauster" Chau, the Jungler of Counter Logic Gaming, is the star of the 39th episode of my  'Grilled' interview series.

What are Chauster's thoughts on bigfatlp's deterioration from the best mid laner?  Why can't Junglers be judged individually like the lane players?  Did he call CLG.EU's (now EG) style falling off?  How does he evaluate CLG's decision to run so few threats?  How Gambit were overrated prior to the S2 finals?  How much influence did he have on Doublelift's development?  Why would he give up the so-called unbeatable bot lane he had with Doublelift?


Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:20 How different was CLG during the early days (pre-2012) when they were on top?

01:31 Thoughts on Bigfatlp's career progressing on from the period when he was considered the best mid player.

03:28 Was Bigfatlp stubborn?  Was he included in the team as much as the others?

04:14 How has hotshot's role changed over the years and how can he ideally be used now?  Is he still a top tier Top laner?

05:30 Describing hotshot as being generally passive and not winning his lane often.  Is that connected with CLG picking top last?

06:05 Why he would prefer, out of a choice of only these two, a good jungler and decent top laner combo over a decent jungler and good top laner combo.

06:57 Does the prevalence of elite top lane players in Korean teams mean, by definition, they must have great top lane players also?

07:45 His opinion that jungling shouldn't be judged individually.  Does this mean players like inSec and SaintVicious aren't exceptions to this?

08:53 Chauster's opinion of snoopeh, saying that the only thing distinguishing him is that he historically got counter-jungled hard.

10:12 The public perception that Chauster called CLG.EU's style becoming less sucessful.

11:56 His opinion that Wickd can hang with the best top laners "if" he got a good match-up.

12:54 The topic of having strengths in areas which don't fit the current meta, related to CLG.EU/EG.

14:17 His definition of what separates the best top laners from merely good top laners being those who can "apply pressure without dying" and who he sees as textbook elite top laners.

15:15 What it is about Maknoon's play that allows him to be so good in top lane?

15:58 His advice that if a player can win a specific champion vs. champion match-up with the opponent's side of it, then not to play it.  Does this apply to the elite level players?

16:51 Comments that rekkles had great mid and top lane players on fnatic, thus making him successful.

18:47 Evaluating having one carry and four supports at times in CLG, compared to other teams.

20:29 Is it just CLG that runs so few threats?

21:17 Chauster being lauded as a great strategist, yet CLG being unable to find a winning path despite all of their all-star players over the last 1.5 years.

22:54 The pattern in 2012 of CLG losing to Dignitas in the upper bracket of NA LANs, beating them in the lower and then losing to TSM in the final.

24:17 Comments that M5 were the most overrated team going into the S2 world finals.

25:26 Gambit as the most consistent team ever in LoL.  If so, why?

26:34 How teams are run: with a single leader deciding everything or with a more democractic method.

28:06 Chauster as the obvious candidate to be the shot caller.  Why hasn't he embraced that role fully?

29:16 A key quality of a leader being only telling people to do what they are capable of.  Did Chauster ever fall into the problem of expecting too much?

31:01 The ideal role/player to be the shot caller in a team.

31:56 Does it help if the strongest player is the shot caller?

32:17 What would he say speculation that SaintVicious could have been the shot caller of CLG during his time as their jungler?

32:30 Ripping into TPA's Mistake, how they could win S2 finals with someone he felt was a bad player.

33:50 If TPA had played M5 in a Bo10 in the semi-finals of S2 finals, would TPA have still won?

34:11 Why were TSM on top in NA despite not going to Korea or taking advantage of the Asian influence?

35:26 Why was there such a disparity between TSM's strength vs. NA teams and Asian teams?

36:23 Chauster saying if it was up to him he wouldn't go to Korea again.

37:10 Is going to Korea beneficial in terms of the game?

37:20 His claim that with unlimited resources he would make a team of him and doublelift at bot lane, froggen for mid and then a korean jungler and a korean top laner.  Does this mean he thinks Korea has significantly better players at these positions?

38:33 Does losing, despite the strength of the Chauster-Doublelift bottom lane, mean there were abject failures in the other areas of the map?

39:16 Why give up the strongest bot lane in favour of having to fix more positions?

40:29 Saying that his team didn't trust anyone else available in NA to be a good jungler.  Is there something about the NA mindset that doesn't apply to jungling?  Can you teach someone to be play their lane?

41:34 How much of his influence is responsible for Doublelift being so good at AD Carry now?

43:08 Doublelift never having won a big offline tournament.  Is he still lacking something as a player?

44:14 Why he ranked AD Carry as the least difficult of the metaroles.

45:17 A quote about the difference between someone who is lucky and someone who is a pro.

45:47 Does he know of any other comparable players in LoL in terms of game knowledge?

46:40 A hypothetical scenario where AI/computers take over the world and are poised to destroy humanity unless Chauster's Earth representatives can beat them in a game of LoL.  The machines have figured out the perfect way to play LoL, so he must pick the humans who play each role the right way.

48:58 Final words/outro


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