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Travis Gafford 'Grilled'

 Travis Gafford, League of Legends interviewer and host, is the star of the 86th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Would Travis be where he is now without  Doublelift?  Does he desire to be considered a complete journalist?  Is being famous a motivating factor for him?  Will he transition to other esports games when LoL dies off?  Which pro players would he use as reference points for the following:  Slasher,  Sjokz,  Jatt,  Say0cean,  Thorin and himself?

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:19 Why become an interviewer or journalist in LoL?

03:12 Copying 'State of the League' off 'State of the Game'.  Why not change the name more?

06:47 The role of drama in SotL's appeal.

10:00 Does riot in any way hinder or block SotL's return?  Under what circumstances could it return?

18:34 Would Travis be where he is now without Doublelift?

23:49 Does Doublelift carry Travis, in terms of his content?

27:55 Does he ever prompt Doublelift in certain directions, during their interviews?

30:34 Does he ever steer Doublelift away from more controversial subjects?

33:51 The breakdown of game-related topics, scene talk and humourous materials in his interviews.

42:08 To what degree is Travis actually interested in the game of LoL, beyond enjoying the scene aspects?

46:02 Is Travis mainly interested in the context and storylines of LoL?

51:29 How does Travis improve, in terms of other regions?

55:20 Isn't research a core component of being a working journalist?

59:06 Does Travis desire to be considered a complete journalist?

1:03:09 Does Travis do interviews because, in any sense, he wants to be famous?

1:08:29 Does Travis seek to please his audience?

1:13:07 If Travis wanted to be employed by Riot, he either could be or could have been?

1:15:04 How does Travis go forwards without treading water?

1:22:23 Will he transition to other esports games when LoL dies off?

1:29:45 Helping people he thinks would be good for the industry and hindering those he thinks would be bad.

1:39:28 Can he understand why some people might not enjoy his interviews?

1:41:41 Travis must use a pro player as a reference point for a LoL personality.

1:43:45 Slasher

1:45:38 Sjokz

1:48:18 Jatt

1:51:19 Kelby a.k.a. Say0cean

1:53:13 Thorin

1:55:52 Travis

1:59:54 Final words/Outro.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

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i've never (or maybe once) listened to the whole interview cuz they seemed kinda long for me :D but this one, even being 2h, was just... worth doing it :D big fan of Travis, nice Grilled :)
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Duncan Shields aka Thooorin aka OKEY
Score: 0
Hi, Great interview. I like all of your stuff man. BUT PLEASE stop doing stuff you do to the mic while recording, the noise from moving the mic, touching it or whatever you do is very annoying and sometimes after longer time it is hard to listen when this noise from touching or moving the mic is happening all time every few seconds. Can you invest in a tripod for mic please !
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Hi, I Watch a lot of your content and I love your grilled interviews. I enjoyed this video but I felt like you ask him too much questions that were a bit negative on his way he handle his job and his future. Anyway keep the good work.

Sorry for my English (I speak French).
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This is by far the "BEST" grilled interview to date that I have watched. Good job Travis. I personally would love to see the Casters grilled if Riot would permit it. I think it would let us see another side of them we don't get to see, that some may be curious about. Good story lines , maybe. Thank you Thooorin great interview.
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I'm half way through the interview at this point of commenting, but I think this interview is really interesting because Thooorin is the older, more reflective, complete journalist interviewing young, burgeoning Travis who still doesn't have a complete sense of who he is as a journalist. I hope Travis watches the interview and realizes the Socratic method being employed by Thooorin to reveal what kind of a journalist he is atm which is more drama/story related than being analytic/insightful.