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Team Acer welcomes Scarlett!

Scarlett will now wear the Acer tag proudly!

Team Acer welcomes Scarlett!

That's right folks, you read it here first, Scarlett will now be known as Acer | Scarlett. After seeing Scarlett depart from Eclypsia, we here at Team Acer knew we needed to grab her before she got recruited by a hive.

Being one of the best foreign players around, we also knew she has great potential. Acer | Scarlett made herself known after she annihilated the Playhem "Sponsor Me!" tournament to earn a sponsored and seeded trip to IPL4. She proved herself at IPL4 by defeating DeMusliM and Terious, showing her clear talent and her dedication to self-improvement. Welcome to the Team Acer family!

A brief statement with our very own Acer | Scarlett:

'After DarkHydra joined Acer and Osho retired, management was beginning to worry that the Zerg presence on the team was becoming much too low to compete in teamleagues. Nerchio recommended me to fill the gap and so here we are! Hello to all my new teammates and I look forward to playing alongside you!'

Here is a brief statement from one of our very own players about Acer | ParanOid:

'I'd first heard of Scarlett during her impressive run at IPL. She had a great showing there and gained a lot of fans by showing her solid play; going into a tournament as an unknown person she managed to take down some big names. After her departure from Eclypsia and with elfi deciding to part his ways with Acer it became obvious that we were interested in getting an additional player. Scarlett seemed like the perfect solution to fill the gap.'Acer | ParanOid

Let's have a warm welcome to our new recruit and to allow her to prove herself with the help of the Team Acer family!

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