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Team Acer to attend WEM 2012

Team Acer will attend WEM 2012.

Today we can announce that Team Acer will be attending the Chinese-based World e-Sports Masters (WEM), and a variety of details about the event itself.  Scheduled to take place from October 23rd to 28th in Hangzhou, China, the event will host both League of Legends and StarCraft 2 tournaments.  For more information about the tournament check out our WEM 2012 facts and figures page where we've put together all the information we've received.

The total prize purse for both combined reaches 100,000 USD (~77,400 EUR).  The SC2 tournament will feature eight players and the LoL tournament eight teams.  As usual with WEM events: all participants receive prize money.

WEM 2012 LoL prize money distribution
1st 22,000 USD
2nd 11,000 USD
3rd 8,500 USD
4th 7,500 USD
5th-6th 6,000 USD
7th-8th 4,000 USD
WEM 2012 SC2 prize money distribution
1st 12,000 USD
2nd 8,000 USD
3rd 4,000 USD
4th 2,000 USD
5th-6th 1,500 USD
7th-8th 1,000 USD

Team Acer co-captain CitizenWayne's statement:

"I'm very happy about attending WEM, which is not only a great tournament but also my first visit to China!

As the first offline event with our new lineup it is obviously a stepping stone and we will definitely try to cause an upset there, training as much as possible in the upcoming month.

A big thanks to Acer and our sponsors for making this possible and thanks to everybody supporting our team!"

Team Acer co-captain Schabs' statement:

"We are very happy about the invitation we've received to the World eSports MASTERS 2012 in Hangzhou, China.

Since the tournament takes place in a bit less then a month we don't have a lot of time to prepare. Therefore we are going to train nearly every day until this tournament, because we want to show a good performance, especially since we are representing Europe in China.

I'm happy as well for being able to play in Asia once again, after WCG 2011, and want to thank Acer as well as WEM for giving us this chance.

You can check our progress here on aswell as on our facebook pages."

 WEM 2012 facts and figures page

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