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Scarlett joins FXO Invitational tournament

Our Zerg Queen Scarlett has been invited to the FXO Invitational, where she'll compete for a 5000 USD prize pool.

FXOpen Invitational Series #6

We've already announced that Artur 'Acer | Nerchio Bloch and Aleksandr 'Acer | Bly' Svusuyk will be participating in the prestigious FXOpen Invitational Series #6, and now we have one more Team Acer player to add to the list: our newest recruit Acer | Scarlett!
The Zerg Queen is the final invited player to the tournament, which contains a number of big names amongst its 64 player roster. There are 23 foreign players and 41 Koreans looking to take a piece of that $5000 prize pool, including DongRaeGu, Leenock, MMA, Puzzle, MarineKing, Creator, Polt, Symbol, Squirtle, Losira, Supernova, Hero, SC, Byun and many more.
The tournament will begin on Friday, 27th July and run until Saturday, 8th September. It begins with group stages where half of the participants will be eliminated, then moves onto a single elimination format from the round of 32 onwards. That doesn't leave much margin for error - combined with the insane player pool, this could be the most competitive tournament since the GSL Code S!
Be sure to tune in tune in and see how it all shakes out - will our Acer players be able to prove that they can compete at the highest levels of international play? We'll let you know what days they'll be playing in the group stages as soon as that information is available, so be sure to check back at for the latest news.

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