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MaNa 'Grilled'


 Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz is the star of the 16th edition of my 'Grilled' in-depth career interview series.  The Polish Protoss is the second highest foreigner on the all-time SC2 prize money list, with over 89,000 USD in winnings, and was the champion of Dreamhack Summer and ESWC in 2012.
What changed in MaNa to allow him to finally become a champion after so many finals disappointments?  Why has he been able to beat  Stephano the last two times they've faced each other?  Why does he think it's easier to face the bigger named Zergs as opposed to the lesser?  What makes Korean Terrans so tough to play in PvT?  Why doesn't he like  Nerchio?  How does he describe the styles and strengths of  Rain,  PartinG,  Squirtle,  Creator,  HerO,  HuK and  NaNiwa?
Time line of topics:
00:09 intro
00:23 The significance of Dreamhack Winter 2010
01:28 Losing to Naama in the final 2:3
02:23 What was his mindset like making the final?
02:55 Losing to DIMAGA in the Assembly Summer final 2:3, after being up 2:0
03:52 Beating DIMAGA in the final of Dreamhack Summer to win his first big title.
04:38 What changed for MaNa to finally win a title?
05:32 ESWC 2011
06:42 Being a practice partner of Stephano prior to the ESWC 2011 final.
07:13 Beating Stephano in two semi-finals since their ESWC final.
07:54 How has MaNa's PvZ changed to allow him to beat Stephano?
08:36 What changed in his overall PvZ, which was famously terrible?
09:42 Is it easier to play against good players as opposed to bad players, due to their strategical decisions?
10:43 Where should MaNa be ranked?  Who are around his level?
12:11 Other foreign Protoss players suffering from lack of PvT opportunities and having to play lots of PvZ.
13:19 Zergs complaining about immortal all-in, Protoss complaining about late-game PvZ.
15:37 Problems with changing PvZ balance.
16:51 The two schools of balancing: nerf or buff
17:33 Comparing fungal to the other spells in SC2.
18:08 Is it an issue rarely getting to play his favoured PvT?
19:09 What are Korean Terrans like in TvP in comparison to European Terrans?
20:31 Which was the best period of balance in SC2?
21:31 Why are there almost no foreign Terrans who can perform at the level of Korean Terrans?
22:33 Why don't Zergs dominate as much in Korea?
23:27 Did he secretly believe he'd do well in GSL Code S immediately?
24:48 Is it a goal to go back to Korean and do a sustained period of months trying to compete in GSL?
26:07 How well would Stephano do in GSL Code S?
27:07 Foreigners he thinks would be good at the series-planning aspect of playing in GSL.
28:11 Why Nerchio claims to be weak at ZvP yet beats MaNa all the time.
28:51 How strong is Poland at SC2?
29:43 Relationship with Nerchio.
30:04 Why doesn't he like Nerchio?
30:33 Stephano's comment after his game vs. Bly.
31:05 Losses to Bly, what is strange about him?
32:03 Talking about the styles/strengths of Korean Protosses:
32:15 Rain
32:47 Are there other KeSPA Protosses who are going to be really good?
33:06 PartinG
33:29 Squirtle
34:07 Creator
34:38 HerO
35:13 HuK
36:01 How has PvP changed?
36:55 Really good PvP players.
37:23 How much further can he go and where does he see himself in a year?
38:27 Does he have the winning mindset nailed down?
38:49 NaNiwa
39:27 Is NaNiwa unique amongst foreigners due to being willing to stay in Korea and practice non-stop?
40:07 The econominic situation of living in Poland, is he balling out of control?
41:03 Will MaNa keep playing as an SC2 pro, due to the money, even if he falls out of love with Starcraft?
41:42 Final words/outro.
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