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BiB LIVE: Nerchio wins final with 3:0!

Europe's top eight players have all been invited to Berlin to participate in a 10,000 USD invitational tournament and our very own Artur 'Acer | Nerchio' Bloch has been invited.

13th October - 01:10 CET: 3:0! What a match by Acer | Nerchio who really destroyed his opponent in the final match - never giving him any chance in the best of five. Our player takes home 5.000 USD now! That's it with the Battle in Berlin.

150 photos of the Battle in Berlin

12th October - 23:40 CET: Team Acer sat down with TeamLiquid's StarCraft II star Dario 'TLO' Wünsch to speak about personal life aspects, his career and also his thoughts about Battle in Berlin. Feel free to check the interview by going here.

12th October - 23:20 CETAcer | Nerchio practiced a very smart and also agressive playstyle in the semifinal against Ret; our player managed to win 2-0 after a stunning prestation and is therefore qualified for the grand final, where he is going to meet the winner of the second semifinal in the name of GoOdy, who played absolutely brilliant against Stephano, winning 2-1.

12th October - 19:15 CET: It will take 2 hours before Acer | Nerchio will have to play his next match. He will face Ret who won his match in decisive fashion against Kas. We have also updated our gallery with more pictures which you can check out here!

12th October - 16:53 CET: Our very own zerg player Acer | Nerchio managed to defeat the best German player, Socke, with 2:1 and made it into the semi-finals.

12th October - 16:05 CET: With a delay of 2 hours Battle in Berlin is going live now!

12th October - 12:50 CET: Because the organizers are still not finished with the preparations for the event and the players are not able to make their warm-up in the gaming area, they decided to abuse our very own Acer free gaming area for getting ready for the tournament - curious!

12th October - 12:00 CET: After arriving yesterday evening we were able to get ready very early today and start building up our own Team Acer free gaming area. Meanwhile we uploaded some pictures for you and all pro gamers are getting ready and prepare themselves in our Team Acer gaming area instead of the gamer lounge.

Battle in Berlin Gallery 1: "arriving, entering, preparing"

The brackets are drawn and here are the quarter final matches. Please not that they players will play bo3 in the quarter final, bo5 in the semi-final and a bo7 in the grand final!
  • Acer | Nerchio vs. Socke
  • Ret vs. Kas
  • Stephano vs. Grubby
  • TLO vs. White-Ra

Europe's top eight players have all been invited to Berlin to participate in a 10,000 USD invitational tournament and our very own Artur 'Acer | Nerchio' Bloch has been invited. The event will be "small" compared to many other events featuring this much hype as there will only be eight players and the entire tournament will be played in one day this Saturday on November 12th, 2011. Joining Acer | Nerchio will be Stephano, White-Ra, Socke, TLO, Kas, Grubby and Ret.

The format for the event is incredibly simple as it will be a single elimination bracket throughout the entire tournament. All the matches will be played in either a best of three or best of five system guaranteeing we see a large number of good matches. Team Acer will be at the event taking pictures and conducting interviews with our player. There will also be a Team Acer booth at the event where you can come visit us and play for free on our great Acer computers!

Prior to the tournament we tracked down Acer | Nerchio and Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri to get statements regarding the tournament:

I'm wary of all of the players. Stephano and Ret are two of the best Zerg players in the world and ZvZ is already pretty random so those games can go either way. White-Ra and Socke are the two Protoss players who I have the hardest time against since they have a lot of timing pushes at unexpected moments and besides that I have a weak ZvP. TLO always plays oddly so I can't predict what he will do but I think he is the weakest of the player pool. I have played Grubby a lot recently and he has beaten me quite a bit however I think I finally found a way to play against him so it shouldn't be that bad. Kas is one of the best Terran players in Europe however he plays one style so if I play my game against him I should win. The favorite of the tournament is without a doubt Stephano taking into account his recent accomplishments.Acer | Nerchio

There are a lot of good players. I don't see anyone really scary but they could almost all beat me. The scariest is Nerchio, White-Ra, Grubby and Ret I think. I haven't seen Socke play for quite some time so I don't know if he has good form. I think I can win this tournament - not easily, but it's possible and I hope I will!Stephano

Note: Because acer is one of the main sponsors we will have a free gaming area at the Battle in Berlin! So talk to your friends, play Starcraft II or League of Legends on one of our 12 PCs and be part of one of the greatest SC II tournaments in Europe!

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