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Activity recap of the SC2 team

Recently, Team Acer's very own Zerg players Aleksandr 'Acer | Bly' Svusuyk and Artur 'Acer | Nerchio' Bloch won several online cups such as Xillence, Antec or Cyborg.
Recently, Team Acer's very own Zerg players Aleksandr 'Acer | Bly' Svusuyk and Artur 'Acer | Nerchio' Bloch won several online cups such as Xillence, Antec Attack or the Cyborg Cup after impressive performances.
First was Acer | Bly  participating in the Cyborg Cup where not less than 128 players were signed up. Our latest addition to the StarCraft II team quickly made it to the quarterfinals where he managed to beat the Swedish player SjoW for a spot in the semifinals. There, he managed to defeat the German Terran player DBS with a 2:0 score to qualify for the grand final where he was supposed to meet another German in the name of  hOnOr from Alien Invasion. Fortunately, the previously mentioned Protoss only managed to win one map in the PvZ best-of-five fight against our Ukrainian star, who went home with the first place worth of 100 EUR as well as some gaming gear.
Also, Acer | Nerchio didn't hesitate to impress in the ninth edition of the Antec Attack Cup. After five consecutive victories in the preliminary rounds, our Polish Zerg qualified for the final grid. In the quarters, Acer | Nerchio  met  CyBeRViRuS which he managed to win against with a clear 2:0 score. In the semifinal, our colleague had to play against the Korean player ReaL but surprisingly got a defwin and has therefore qualified for the grand final against limjinsutpz. Being played in best-of-five, the match completely went Acer | Nerchio's way with our player winning pretty fast with a 3:1 score. For this win, Acer | Nerchio won 125 EUR.
Later, Acer | Nerchio  managed to put two more wins on the table, impressing everyone just after being eliminated from ONOG i2. In the ESL Go4SC2, Acer | Nerchio  was seen rushing to the grand final after a stunning winning streak of nine matches, some against such opponents as Seiplo, ClouD or Cytoplasm. Unfortunately for the StarCraft II fans, in the grand final Acer | Nerchio  got a default win against Polt so the match didn't really come to an end. Even if Polt was leading with a 2:0 score, Acer | Nerchio  won 3:2 after the default win decission and therefore won the 200 EUR. The ZOTAC Cup #100 took place in the same day as Go4SC2 but that was not a problem for our Zerg player to advance into the grand final. After six consecutive victories in the six qualifying rounds, Acer | Nerchio managed to beat both RaNGeD from NrS and Merz from Dignitas with 2:0 scores in the quarterfinals respectively semifinals. Unfortunately, the grand final against ROX.KIS' member LiveZerg took place in the same time as the Go4SC2 final and Acer | Nerchio decided to play the ESL game, forfeiting the ZOTAC final. 
To complete the very good performances of our team, Acer | Bly  was seen participating in the Xilence Cup #38. After winning few qualifyng rounds, Acer | Bly  rushed to the grand final with two easy victories against kajdomusvoe and Seiplo. In the final, our Ukrainian Zerg had a pretty hard match against ROX.KIS' player sLivko who managed to take away 2 maps from our player. The end saw Acer | Bly  winning with a 3:2 score and go home with a check worth of 100 EUR.
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